If Parents Pay, They Get a Say | Harsh Truths About Budget Etiquette

When it comes to budgeting for a wedding, the politics of financial contributions from parents deserves special attention. It can be great to get some extra spending money, but it's important that you're accepting it with a clear head. Here's…
What Happens in Facebook Wedding Shaming Groups
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Are Wedding Fairs Worth It? | Readers Share Their Experience

After sharing some highlights from a Dublin wedding fair on Instagram, some Only a Wedding readers got in touch with a few questions; was the venue worth checking out, what were the packages like, did they not kick you out when you kept going back for cake sample after cake sample? After chatting for a […]

ery own welcome bed basket and blanket and food and water tray

Top 8 Luxury Wedding Venues in Ireland | Castle, Country House + Exclusive Use

Extreme luxury isn’t our usual vibe on Only a Wedding, but we’re a) extremely nosy and b) not entirely set in our ways. With that in mind, today’s venue guide explores some of the most luxurious places to get married in Ireland. We’ve got castles, country houses and five-star hotel venues fit for the fanciest […]

17 Alternative Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

Alternative + Boozy Wedding Cake Flavours We’re tipsy just thinking about The Wedding Cake Boutique’s Callebaut chocolate cake with a chocolate, rum and toasted hazelnut praline mousse. The bakers pitch it as an ultra rich, brownie-like option. Chocolate biscuit cake is a favourite at wedding’s because of how well it keeps. For a more grown-up flavour, […]