11 Alternative Honeymoon Destinations in Ireland

Ireland does honeymoon destinations very well. We're spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury hotels and spas, plus there are tonnes of alternative honeymoon destinations too. From haunted houses to private pubs, today's post, in collaboration…

Bride-to-Be Spending Diary: Lorna is back!

You know the drill. Our bride-to-be spending diaries detail the outgoings of gals who are planning their weddings. Email lorraine@onlyawedding.ie if you’d like to submit yours. This money diary is a sequel – Lorna reported her wedding-planning costs back in January. Will she be as frugal this time? Day One 6:30am We (me + himself) […]

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How Much Do Wedding Dresses Cost in Ireland?

*affiliate link It’s tough to know what you should budget for your wedding dress, but we’re hoping to make the process a little easier! We’ve listed what you can expect to pay for wedding dresses in Ireland, from budget options to luxury gowns. High Street Wedding Dress Prices… High street bands like French Connection, ASOS* […]


Wed2B Wedding Dress Shopping Experience Dublin | Budget Wedding Gowns

Today’s post brings us out from behind the desk and into a fitting room. Lorraine headed to Wed2B in Dublin, Ireland to check out their budget-friendly wedding dresses, and she brought you along with her. Sorta. Scroll down for the full Wed2B experience! Hello! The crowd that did Meghan Markle’s wedding frock hasn’t gotten in […]