17 Alternative Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

Alternative + Boozy Wedding Cake Flavours

We’re tipsy just thinking about The Wedding Cake Boutique’s Callebaut chocolate cake with a chocolate, rum and toasted hazelnut praline mousse. The bakers pitch it as an ultra rich, brownie-like option.

Chocolate biscuit cake is a favourite at wedding’s because of how well it keeps. For a more grown-up flavour, Creative Cakes offers a Baileys-infused chocolate biscuit cake.

For a touch of elegance with your slab of sponge, try the champagne and strawberry cake from Cove Cake Design. Very classy!

Kelly-Lou Cakes offers up a double dose with her Guinness chocolate cake that’s iced with Baileys buttercream.

Prosecco, raspberry and white chocolate cake sounds like the stuff of which dreams are made. Can we stop by around lunch, Emily’s Pantry?

Gin fiends might want to have a bite of Broken Spoon Cakes’ pink gin & prosecco with berry Italian meringue buttercream. Wonder if it’s served in a fish bowl?

Alternative Floral Wedding Cake Flavours

Vanilla doesn’t have to be boring. Lily Pink Bakery makes a beautiful multicoloured sponge cake, stacking tiers of different colours atop one another for a rainbow effect. So cool!

A lush alternative to red velvet, purple velvet cake from The Wedding Cake Boutique comes with with blackberry, elderberry and vanilla mascarpone buttercream. Sounds turbo indulgent, but we’d make room!

Alternative Nutty Wedding Cake Flavours

The Hummingbird cake from Lily Pink Bakery is a weird but wonderful blend of cinnamon, banana, pineapple cake and pecans cake that’s filled with cream cheese buttercream. It’s the baker’s favourite flavour and definitly one to try if you want something out of the ordinary.

Best Flavours (solid name, guys!) won us over with their peanut butter cup cake. If it’s anything like the Reese’s version, we’ll take eight and then would like to be left alone in a room with no mirrors, thanks.

Alternative Chocolate Wedding Cakes

The best alternative to standard chocolate cake we could think of was triple chocolate cake by O’Carroll’s Cakes.

Speaking of excess, we got a sugar rush just by reading about the fudgy Guinness chocolate cake by Broken Spoon Cakes. It’s layered with caramelised white chocolate buttercream to boot. Fab! ​

If you love a cuppa and a chocolate bar in the evening, Sugar Flower Cake Company can whip up a Toblerone, Mars, Malteaser or Terry’s Chocolate Orange style ganache for whatever cake base you select. There are worse jobs in the world than trying to whittle that list down!

Alternative Fruity Wedding Cakes

Banoffee isn’t that weird in the world of baking, but it’s rarely seen at weddings. Change that by getting a 2 Nice 2 Slice banana and toffee cake for your guests.

The Wedding Cake Boutique‘s lime cake with passion fruit curd and coconut milk buttercream is a cool alternative for couples who want something zesty and exotic.

Pears don’t often get a look-in with wedding cakes, but we’d love a forkful or two of The Flour Artist‘s pear and ginger cake with ginger infused buttercream.

Bring the nostalgia and  goodness of Mr. Kipling’s cakes to your wedding with a few tiers of cherry bakewell by Sugar Flower Cake Company.


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