19 Summery Wedding Bouquets | Wedding Flower Inspiration

When it comes to flowers, summer brides are spoiled for choice. We’ve put together a list of the best bouquet inspiration you could ask for, as well as some handy tips on selecting your wedding flowers. Scroll on and flex your Pinterest fingers!

This Colourful Wildflower Bouquet

Wildflowers are a great choice for brides who want a less formal, more fun bouquet. Keep costs down by bulking it out with sprays of baby’s breath and daisies, and add colour with anything you like! Wildflower bouquets looks their best when they’re eclectic and not overly matchy-matchy.

30 Vibrant Summer Wedding Bouquets | Bright Wedding Flower Ideas + Inspiration

via Through the Woods We Ran / Luv Shifting

This Leafy Tropical Bouquet

We love tropical-inspired wedding bouquets and wanted to represent the trend with an absolute show-stopper, which is where this oversized and leafy number came in. Lots of deep and moody greens with a few pops of colour, fab! Although you might want to skip the bouquet toss with this guy, it looks like it could do serious damage!

via Rach Loves Troy / A Garden Party

This Delicate Blush Peony Bouquet

We’re showcasing a lot of vibrant peonies, but pastel and blush are just as easy on the eye. Stick to one soft tone for a traditional, romantic feel.

This Fun Yellow Bouquet

Lots of texture and cascading florals make this bouquet a favourite for rustic weddings with a modern, party vibe. There’s a lot of colour, but it’s balanced by deeper tones and plenty of greenery.

This Orange and Pink Poppy Bouquet

If you want a bouquet that stands out, don’t be afraid to explore clashing colour combinations. Orange, pink and red give this bouquet a gorgeous sunset glow.

via June Bug Company / Sweet Sunday Events

This Purple Ranunculus Bouquet

Limiting the colour palette on this ranunculus and wildflower bouquet makes it look a little more subtle than the rainbow options above.

via Jenny Markham

This Simple Daisy Bouquet

We love the simplicity (and affordability!) of a simple daisy bouquet. If you were thinking of DIYing your wedding flowers, a one-bloom bouquet like this isn’t a bad choice. Plus, as they’re not so pricey, you should be able to budget for a trial run.

via Rose Apple Flowers / Heart and Colour

This Pink Peony Bouquet

Hot pink peonies are a favourite for summer weddings. They’re one of the more expensive flowers, but they’re big and bold enough to still work beautifully when used sparingly and paired with more budget-friendly blooms.

This Vibrant Peony Bouquet

Ok, we take back what we said about using peonies sparingly. Look at this huge hot-pink bouquet! The stuff of our dreams.

This Fluffy Astilble Bouquet

via Ashton Jean Pierre / The Flower Company

This Fluffy Astilble Bouquet

Texture can make just as much of an impact as colour, as shown with this gorgeous astilble bouquet. Most brides who opt for the fluffy flower go for a soft pink or off-white shade, but it comes in a range of colours too.

via Nick Murray Photography / Bella B

This Wild Pastel Bouquet

Lots of variety and volume, but a softer, pastel colourway makes this one of our favourite summer bouquets. It’s polished and elegant but still fresh and modern. Adore it!

via Ashley Rose / Tucker Floral

This Bright Succulent Bouquet

Succulents are increasingly popular accent flowers in wedding bouquets. They’re available in winter, which gives them a lead on less hardy flowers, but shouldn’t be overlooked during summer. Mix them with more conventional flowers for a trendy bouquet that won’t look dated any time soon.

via Bethany Jeffery Photography

This Colourful Banana Leaf Bouquet

This one might be a little bit over the top, but we love banana leafs, so just let us have it. Thanks.

via Jen Lynne Photography

This Vibrant Poppy Bouquet

Another fun, informal bunch of blooms for festival-style weddings and brides with a rainbow colour scheme.

via Weiwen Wang Photo

This Small Bouquet

We had to balance out the Jurassic Park bouquets earlier, and this dainty bouquet was just the ticket. It’s the perfect size for brides who don’t want to obscure their dress at all, or brides who just want something a bit more delicate.

via KMH Photo

This Purple Boho Bouquet

It’s crazy how accent flowers can change the look of your main blooms so much, but that’s the case with these pink peonies and its jewel-toned pals. Such a perfect colourway for summer brides who aren’t really into massively vibrant or playful bouquets.

via Erin Wilson Photography

These Baby’s Breath Bouquets

Baby’s breath bouquets are a popular choice for bridesmaids’ bouquets. They’re one of the most affordable flowers, and they don’t detract from the more elaborate bridal bouquets

via Rachel Joy Barehl

This Beachy Bouquet

If you can’t take your wedding to the beach, take the beach to your wedding! We love how peonies look with tropical greenery and a smattering of wildflowers – perfect island vibes.

via Studio Dan Meiners

This Pink Desert Flower Bouquet

Popularised by US wedding blogs, desert flowers are super cool but tricky to get right, especially at a lot of Irish venues; the combination can be a bit jarring. If you love them, we recommend sticking to more traditional colourways and mixing some conventional flowers in with the mad cactus yokes (not their official title, obviously.

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