4 Best Wedding Tips We Learned at One Fab Day’s Lavish Lunch

In all our years of stalking wedding planning events, we’ve never had a day out like One Fab Day’s Lavish Lunch. It was wedding-enthusiast heaven! They flew in dresses from London, there was a three-course meal, the carpet at The Westin felt like walking on chubby angels. Amazing.

Because we couldn’t smuggle the entire Only a Wedding gang in (next time, maybe? anyone got camo paint?), we made sure to jot down the best wedding tips that we learned on the day.

The legend of the VERY open bar

One of the best parts of gathering in a room with so many wedding experts was the anecdotes. Some cute and romantic, some absolutely bonkers. Our fave falls into the bonkers category. Told by Celina of One Fab Day, the story begins with an open bar and ends with some fella ordering 110 shots.

That’s not a typo.

The venue ran the drink order by the groom, but he was too high on life (and pints, we’re guessing) to put a stop to it. The 110 shots went to a table of 11 people. Ten shots each.

The lesson? Unless you’ve developed an allergy to having money, don’t have an open bar.

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Go easy on your folks

The question of parents inviting their friends came up, and Sara from Irish Wedding Blog made a lovely point about putting herself in her parents’ shoes.

She mentioned how invested her friends are in the lives of her children, and how happy they’d be to be able to share in the celebrations in years to come. With that perspective in mind, it’s easy to see why some parents feel so strongly about having their pals present on the day. You might not see them regularly any more, but they probably had visions of your wedding before you did!

If your parents are paying, you probably should give them some extra invites. If not, and you can’t wedge in their pals, let them know early and clearly, before they make any promises to their mates.

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Mind your mam-in-law!

Claire from One Fab Day spoke about how grooms often make a balls of including their mothers in the day – which is something we’ve seen a lot. If you are a woman marrying a man, think about inviting your future mother-in-law to a bridal boutique or other planning events. It’s an opportunity to bond, and your MIL will probably really appreciate being asked, even if she’s happy to play a smaller role.

Bonus fact! Irish wedding bloggers are super sound

It was an honour to be on the wedding planning panel, and it was a hell of a lot less intimidating with the lovely Mary from Weddings Beauty Fashion and Sara from Irish Wedding Blog. They know their stuff and they’re absolute sounders. Check their websites, if you’ve not already! They’re full of gorgeous inspiration and great tips.


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