7.5 Best Wedding TV Shows for Winding Down After Serious Wedmin

Wedmin: noun The administrative side of wedding planning. See also; headache triggers, dispute triggers and eating-a-whole-pint-of-ice-cream triggers.


If you’re at your wit’s end with it, take some time off planning with and watch these seven (and a half) of the best wedding tv shows. You deserve it, and we need company.

Best Wedding TV Shows Brian and Pippa O'Connor Wedding

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Brian and Pippa Get Married

What is it? The documentary of Pippa O’Connor’s 2011 wedding prep and wedding day.

Why should I watch it? It’s surprisingly unfiltered. We’re privy to budget concerns, seating plan tensions and more willy straws than you’d ever associate with Brand Pippa.

Highlights? Mickey Joe Harte is the best man! Pippa wangles two wedding rings! Brian Ormond doesn’t eat cake! Honestly, it’s perfect reality television.

Low points?  None.

 Best Wedding TV Shows

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Don’t Tell the Bride

What is it? The couple is given €10,000 to pay for their wedding on the condition that the groom handles every aspect of its planning. The bride is kept in the dark until the day of the wedding. Grooms make a lot of…choices.

Why should I watch it? When it’s good, it’s good. When it’s bad, it’s also kinda good. It’s cheering when grooms pull off something special, but it’s also fascinating when then totally lose the run of themselves and try to book weddings in the local butchers.

Highlights? The grooms who pull out every stop to try to get it right. Is there anything more endearing than a best man trying on a wedding dress so the groom can get a better idea of its shape?

Low points? Like most wedding shows, there’s always a few couples that you want to drag off each other, screaming ‘DON’T DO THIS. YOU CLEARLY HATE EACH OTHER. WEDDING CAKE IS NOT THAT DELICIOUS, JUST CALL THIS OFF!’ But you can’t, obviously.

 Best Wedding TV Shows

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Say Yes to the Dress

What is it? Brides try on wedding dresses while their friends and family watch and share opinions. If the brides like the dress, they buy it. We’ll often get a glimpse of their wedding day too.

Why should I watch it? You won’t get dress inspiration like this elsewhere. It’s especially helpful that the women on Say Yes are real brides, so dresses are shown on a range of body types.

Highlights? American brides with budgets of ten billion dollars and their crazy dresses.

Low points? It’s always upsetting when friends or a family are unsupportive.

Best Wedding TV Shows

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What is it? A game show where brides-to-be compete to win plastic surgery and a luxury wedding.

Why should I watch it? You probably shouldn’t. It’s Black Mirror meets Survivor meets Say Yes. So grim.

Highlights? Nope. It makes the rest of this list of the best wedding TV shows look like Barney and Friends.

Low points? It’s consistently depressing. The level of competition between brides, their lack of self-esteem and sheer nastiness towards each other is astonishing.

Best Wedding TV Shows

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Amazing Wedding Cakes (and Cake Boss)

What is it? A documentary about the wedding cakes that several American bakeries create for weddings.

Why should I watch it? You get your inspiration fix without all of the drama that comes with other wedding TV shows.

Highlights? We just really love cake.

Low Points? Amazing Wedding Cakes is kinda hard to track down. We often make do with Cake Boss and similar shoes, but Amazing Wedding Cakes is our gold standard.

Best Wedding TV Shows

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Four Weddings

What is it? Four brides attend each other’s weddings and vote on which is the best. The bride who scores highest among her peers wins a luxury honeymoon.

Why should I watch it? Lots of real wedding inspiration, plus it’s interesting to see how standards and expectations differ.

Highlights? There are some truly impressive weddings, and also some killer reality-telly dramatics. Perfect for mindless binging.

Lowlights? Some brides get a little bit too petty. Not cute.

Best Wedding TV Shows

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Cheapest Weddings

What is it? An Australian show about couples who try to keep their wedding costs as low as possible.

Why should I watch it? The title might indicate poverty porn, but Cheapest Weddings is a mostly cheery look at families who are madly in love and just want to get hitched. There’s a lot of love, some budget-friendly inspiration and alright, a little bit of drama.

Highlights? Wedding television shows are often about excess. Cheapest Wedding focuses on the couple and the people who help them throw a big bash on a small budget. It’s heartwarming.

Lowlights? The first episode is more of a baptism of fire than a wedding. There’s tension, drama, unanswered questions (the bride’s mother and the best man both refuse to attend at the last minute) and heavy awkwardness throughout. It’s quite a negative introduction. The couple later came out to say their wedding was lovely and the editing was unfair.

Any other recommendations? To the comments!

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