The Bouquet Toss is Over | 44% of Brides Don’t Throw the Bouquet, Alternative Ideas

It’s OK not to Toss the Bouquet

Our Instagram daily polls revealed that 44% of women plan to skip the bouquet toss. It’s not quite the majority, but it does show the trend is in decline. When we chatted about the pros and cons of skipping the bouquet toss, women who made this decision mostly gave one of two reasons:

Flowers are expensive as hell. For some, seeing over a hundred euro’s worth of peonies flying throw the air and into the hands of somebody else isn’t worth contemplating. Understandable, right? They said they’d rather keep their bouquets for as long as possible.

For others, the toss itself feels a little outdated. They argue that it reinforces the idea that only women aspire to marriage, and feel the rush to the bouquet is cringe-worthy.

Cute Alternatives to the Bouquet Toss

So you’ve decided that you don’t want to do a bouquet toss. Here are some of the alternative ideas that have worked for other couples:

Keep your damn flowers! If it’s what you want, there’s no shame in bringing your blooms home and placing them in your living room.

If you’re looking for something with more permanence, check out Lost Forest. It’s an Irish jewellery company that preserves fresh flowers in resin. Check Irish beauty blog The Pharmer’s Journal for some inspo; Edel’s wedding flowers ended up in a gorgeous pendant. Want!

Alternatively, if you’re feeling generous, American brides have started passing their bouquet on to the guests who have been married for the longest time. They call married guests onto the dance floor, then the DJ calls for guests who have been married for less than a year to sit down, less than five years, and so on. The last guests standing are presented with your bouquet.

This is very cute; just be sure the couple with the longest marriage won’t be too uncomfortable with the attention, and that they’re fond of flowers, of course.

Would you be sad to see the bouquet toss die out? To the comments with ye!

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