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Harvey’s Point Wedding Fair | Donegal Wedding Fair 2018

If you’re planning a wedding in Donegal, keep the evening of Thursday September 20th free. Harvey’s Point Hotel is hosting a wedding fair to showcase the grounds, event rooms and local vendors. Like we spoke about in last week’s piece on what wedding fairs are actually worth attending, this event is perfect if you haven’t settled […]


If Parents Pay, They Get a Say | Harsh Truths About Budget Etiquette

When it comes to budgeting for a wedding, the politics of financial contributions from parents deserves special attention. It can be great to get some extra spending money, but it’s important that you’re accepting it with a clear head. Here’s the etiquette around dealing with parents who are funding or part-funding your wedding: If They […]


What Happens in Facebook Wedding Shaming Groups

Facebook wedding shaming groups hit the headlines this week after a bride’s post about her reasons for cancelling her wedding went viral. If you’ve caught up on that drama but are confused about what the hell a Facebook wedding shaming group is, don’t worry. We’ve been sleuthing… Facebook Wedding Shaming Groups: The Basics If you’ve […]

17 Alternative Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

Alternative + Boozy Wedding Cake Flavours We’re tipsy just thinking about The Wedding Cake Boutique’s Callebaut chocolate cake with a chocolate, rum and toasted hazelnut praline mousse. The bakers pitch it as an ultra rich, brownie-like option. Chocolate biscuit cake is a favourite at wedding’s because of how well it keeps. For a more grown-up flavour, […]

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How to Pick Your Wedding Flowers | How Much Will Wedding Flowers Cost?

You’re probably here because you’ve suddenly realised that flowers aren’t ‘the easy part’ of wedding planning. Don’t fret, we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to pick weddings flowers, and some fab inspiration shots too. Read on! Set Your Budget Newly-engaged couples often walk into wedding research with supermarket bouquet pricing on the brain, which […]