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17 Alternative Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas

Alternative + Boozy Wedding Cake Flavours We’re tipsy just thinking about The Wedding Cake Boutique’s Callebaut chocolate cake with a chocolate, rum and toasted hazelnut praline mousse. The bakers pitch it as an ultra rich, brownie-like option. Chocolate biscuit cake is a favourite at wedding’s because of how well it keeps. For a more grown-up flavour, […]

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How to Pick Your Wedding Flowers | How Much Will Wedding Flowers Cost?

You’re probably here because you’ve suddenly realised that flowers aren’t ‘the easy part’ of wedding planning. Don’t fret, we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to pick weddings flowers, and some fab inspiration shots too. Read on! Set Your Budget Newly-engaged couples often walk into wedding research with supermarket bouquet pricing on the brain, which […]

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Elope in Austria | Elopement Guide for Marriage in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg)

Austria is one of our top suggestions for couples who are planning to elope in Europe. It is, in Irish parlance, an absolute ride of a country, plus it’s not too strict with its marriage laws. In fact, arranging an elopement in Austria is relatively straightforward. Marriage Equality Same-sex marriages are due to become legal […]

Beauty We Bought | Makeup Launches We Paid For Ourselves

You don’t have to be a super sleuth to find out what the latest beauty launches are. In fact, flicking through Insta Stories can sometimes feel like a new-makeup QVC special. While we’re always ready to pour over exciting launches, our interest lies with the products that beauty writers and top bloggers will seek out […]

The Best Mascara According to Only a Wedding Readers

We asked the Only a Wedding Instagram contingent (get involved!) to tell us what the best mascara is, and it became clear that great, wedding-nerdy minds do think alike. We’ve sorted the results into four categories below. Did Benefit #Spon All Only a Wedding Readers? Look, there’s been a lot of talk about an anti-Benefit […]

MAC Lasting Sensation Is The Lip Colour of Summer 2018

We love lipsticks, we love coral, and we adore an underdog. Hence, we’re declaring MAC Lasting Sensation the lip colour of summer 2018. Where Have You Been All My Life? Lasting Sensation launched over seven years ago. It was part of a pretty sizeable summer collection, and we feel like it never got the attention it […]