AutoWed – The Robot Wedding Alternative We Love

AutoWed - The Robot Wedding Alternative We Love

Dreaming of an alternative wedding? Got a thing for robots? Get ready to have your heart’s desires fulfilled by AutoWed – the wedding vending machine.

Created in 2011, AutoWed offers a novelty wedding service (not legally binding, natch) to couples and best mates, if any are so inclined. For just £1, AutoWed will play the wedding march, prompt you and your partner for your vows and declare you married. You get a wedding receipt, two plastic rings and one hell of photo opportunity.

Beauty blogger Gemma Burke of Beauty Nook recently got AutoWed hitched to own very own web designer, John Coote. They’re a good-looking couple anyway, but we’re totally taken with their ‘official’ wedding picture:

AutoWed - The Robot Wedding Alternative We Love

via Beauty Nook

Taken with the idea? AutoWed has some different stations around the world, but Ireland’s nearest is in Camera Obscura, Edinburgh or The Chintz Bar, Falmouth.

Who wants to kick off the campaign to get one in Coppers?

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