Beauty We Bought | Makeup Launches We Paid For Ourselves

Beauty We Bought | Makeup Launches We Paid For Ourselves

Beauty We Bought | Makeup Launches We Paid For Ourselves

You don’t have to be a super sleuth to find out what the latest beauty launches are. In fact, flicking through Insta Stories can sometimes feel like a new-makeup QVC special. While we’re always ready to pour over exciting launches, our interest lies with the products that beauty writers and top bloggers will seek out themselves.

The Beauty We Bought series is Only a Wedding‘s excuse to peer into the shopping baskets of our favourite journalists and beauty experts.

Because somebody’s got to get the ball rolling, the inaugural shopper is Only a Wedding editor and beauty blog veteran Lorraine Haigney. Watch how she spends!

Clarins Water Lip Stain in 03 Red Water, €21

One minute, Clarins was my go-to for heavy-duty powders and office-appropriate shades of blusher. The next, I was  taking screen grabs of the brand’s summer launches on Instagram, trying to work out how many lip oils I could reasonably afford.

See, while I was making a beeline for Ever Matte, Clarins got cool. I left the counter with one of the new Water Lip Stains, and a serious want for the rest of the collection (creep it over on Beauty Nook).

Since then, it’s rarely left my lips. It tastes like strawberry jelly. For God’s sake, how am I suppose to resist?

Dove Visible Glow Gradual Self-Tan Fair to Medium, €9.99

I love the idea of gradual tans. You apply them as you would a normal moisturiser, but you become increasing glossy and bronze as time goes on. Sign me up, take my tenner!

I’ve been using the Dove Visible Glow one for a week now and have been pleasantly surprised. It’s a bit stinkier than I’d imagined, but it does depart a golden-looking tan. Does it sound too Buffalo Bill to call it my skin but better?

Environ Colostrum Gel, €46

Speaking of stinky, Environ Colostrum Gel has such a pong that my facialist issued a warning before she sold it to me. To my nose, it’s like lavender and gravy granules. Which, in case you wondered, isn’t very appealing.

I’m on my second bottle of the stuff now. It’s not a joy to use, or smell, but it really works. I only have to use it two or three times a week to notice my skin is calmer and thoroughly hydrated.

Essence Make Me Brow, €3.05

A recommendation from my favourite beauty blogger Gemma of Beauty Nook, Essence’s brow gel is supposed to rival cult favourites from Benefit and Anastasia Beverly Hills. Thank God, because I cannot justify big bucks on brow mascara, of all things.

It’s early days now, because this was a last minute buy, but my first impressions are good. It’s dark, it adds thickness to my brows and it keeps them in place.

MAC Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil, €17.50

I wrote about this in the main Only a Wedding beauty section because it deserves so much more attention than it gets. It’s stunning, such a head-turner of a shade. The original post is a manifesto on why it’s the lip colour of summer 2018, so have a read and twin with me.


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