Bridal Skin Care | Wedding Skin Prep Guide for Brides

Early Skin Prep for Weddings…

The first step in preparing your skin for your wedding is probably the most difficult; you’ve got to chill out. There are a thousand guides to getting flawless wedding skin online, but they are to be avoided until you’ve actually taken a long, clear-headed look at your skin.

Decide what you can live with and what you want help with before you’re sucked into the soft-focus world of wedding photography. That way, it’ll be easier to pass up the latest iteration of laser-hydro-micro-transponding. There are beauty treatments for things you would never have worried about before, I promise you.

Make a list, make sure you’re not being unfair to yourself (most people think their skin is worse than it is) and you’ll save yourself a lot of cash, time and worry.

Wedding Skin Care At Home; DIY Bride

Nothing will improve your skin like consistently decent care. Even a very basic cleansing, sun protection and hydration routine will work wonders if you stick to it.

If you’ve been a soap-and-go bride or groom it’s worth getting a consultation with a facial skin care specialist. Pros will quickly suss out your skin type and prescribe more powerful at-home products than you can buy in chemists. It’s an extra expense, most consultations cost about €50, but it ensures you’re using the right products for your skin without wasting precious pre-wedding time trying to trial things yourself. Only a Wedding vouches for Jeanne Brophy’s clinic in Clontarf (and yep, we pay our own way).

Whatever bridal skin care regimen you settle on, give it your best shot for a month. You’ll see results at the end.

Basic Bridal Facials

Budget allowing, book a course of facials in the months before your wedding. They’re brilliant for sorting congestion and hydration issues, plus you’ll also get an opportunity do lie down and do nothing for an hour. The dream!

If you’re not feeling so flush, lots of salons offer free consultations before you start on a course of facials. Many others waive their fee if you buy products. Just be sure you research the salon and their level of training.

Pre-Wedding Facial Treatments

The heavy duty stuff, microdermabrasion, laser, chemical peels, will be scheduled when you have a year or less until your wedding, but it’s best to contact a skin care expert for a facial consultation as soon as you can. Some treatments need to be repeated a few times for best results, others need to be done early so your skin can settle.

This category of treatment will sort out issues like acne, redness, veining – the kind of skin concerns that scoff at sheet masks. It’ll be more expensive than your basic bridal facial, but many salons offer package deals for repeat treatments.

Quick Wedding Skin Care Tips That Work

You’ve been told to drink water and sleep well so much that you’re blue in the face. Got it. Here’s more of a cheat sheet to sort your skin out:

Buy a heap of face cloths and use a new one every day. Damp clothes get grimy very quickly, and grime is no friend to your face.

If you’re well into your twenties or above and you’re not using an acid, you’re very probably missing out. Something like Alpha H Liquid Gold (recently spotted on special offer over on Cloud 10) works well on a range of skin types, turning over dead cells and boosting glow like no other. If you’re oily, check out salicylic acid, which will clear congestion and calm breakouts. You’ll get best results if you chat about this with a skin care consultant or facialist.

Take your makeup off with a cloth and a cream, balm, oil or lotion (depending on your skin type). Those handy wipes and waters aren’t great for regular cleansing, they contain too much alcohol and don’t really clean deeply. If you’re using a micofibre cloth alone, be really careful that you’re not scrubbing harder than you would be if you were using a cloth and cleanser together.

You can develop allergies to anything, even products that your skin once loved. Most brides-to-be know not work anything new into their skin care just before the wedding, but you should also patch test or avoid products you haven’t used in a while.

And Again, Chill

The wedding and beauty industries are pretty good at applying pressure and making us feel like we have to spruce every tiny detail with the care and attention of a full-time Pinterest blogger. We don’t. If skin wasn’t bothering you before the proposal, you should probably stop googling Botox before-and-afters now.



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