Bride-to-Be Spending Diary: Lorna is back!

You know the drill. Our bride-to-be spending diaries detail the outgoings of gals who are planning their weddings. Email if you’d like to submit yours.

This money diary is a sequel – Lorna reported her wedding-planning costs back in January. Will she be as frugal this time?

Day One

6:30am We (me + himself) adopted a dog, so we’ve both arranged to be home as much as we can for a couple of weeks. We’re able to work from home anyway, and we haven’t been able to travel much in the last two years, so annual leave abounds. We’re up early house training the dog, who we’ll call Chunk for the purpose of this anonymous spending diary.

3.30pm I bought a Creme Egg with change and forgot to take note of the price. This is probably a good thing as I bought a Kit Kat a few weeks ago and it was €1.15. Robbery. Thievery! We’ll call it a spend of €1 because that’s all my psyche can allow.

Daily total: €1

Day Two

7:00am I’m saving €5 a week for my fella’s birthday. I can’t remember what fake name I gave him in the last diary so we’ll call him Bruno. This goes into a vault on my banking app. I’ve got €15 so far, lol.

10:00am I book a €30 seminar/workshop thing for later in the month. I held myself back from that kind of thing in the past, but I’ve been making a big effort to weather the anxiety. It’s work-related and I feel more competent for evening thinking about going. Worth it!

Daily total: €35

Day Three

9.30am This is a week of appointments. I head to therapy (€60) for the first time in a few months to knock some issues on the head. I stop into the library on the way and get The Country Girls for FREE. Yay libraries!

11:00am One of my vendors emails me back to confirm my booking. I transfer the deposit (€100) and feel way more excited than expected. It’s getting very real!

6:00pm Guess who needs new shampoo again? I’m almost finished the products I bought in my first submission and am ditching the idea of a curl-friendly routine.

I buy the Kérastase shampoo that got rid of my dandruff the last time around and another Kérastase one that’s supposed to balance oily roots and dry ends. I need an oil and end up plumping for a rose one that’s also a good heat protectant. I remove lots of cool stuff out of my basket until it’s down to €70. Not a nice figure, but I’ll get the guts of a year out of the oil and months out of the shampoos. Plus the dandruff is wrecking my head – literally.

Daily total: €230

Day Four

8:30am I accompany my mam to the hospital so she can get a blood test. I talk her into getting a cup of tea after but she pays for her own. I skipped it because I knew she’d insist on paying and tea in the hospital café is almost €3 now. I know this sounds miserly but we’re forever in hospitals and cancer really nixes your earning power, you know?

9:00pm Speaking of, my health insurance bill comes through. I pay for myself and himself, so it’s €140.

Daily total: €140

Day Five

11.00am I have my own GP appointment (€60) and it ends in a referral letter for a blood test. The wait at the hospital is over three weeks so I just book a nurse appointment (€25) at the GP clinic. I check to see if Sports Direct does wedding dresses on the way home.

3:00pm I buy some wedding stuff for Bruno on ASOS (€140) and repurchase one of the few concealers that works well under my eyes (€33). Thanks, Nars. Bruno likes the wedding bits more than I do, but I’m still looking forward to him trying them on.

8:00pm Another vendor needs part payment! I transfer €600 and scroll through their website with glee. I feel sick spending that much money in one go. Bruno has to get me lukewarm chamomile, but hey, swings and roundabouts.

Daily total: €825

Day Seven

9.30am We get up early to walk the dog and stop off in a cafe with lots of outdoor seating. I buy myself a chai rooibos tea because caffeine is for jokers. Bruno asks for a diet coke. I wasn’t planning on getting food but the queue was barely moving and I was stood beside the most enticing spiced fruit muffins for too long to resist. I get something chocolate for my guy Bru and the muffin for myself. Drinks and treats comes to €10.14.

12:00pm Chunk the dog has lost his tag. I buy an engraved replacement (€1.18) on AliExpress but will have to pick up a stop-gap next time I’m in town. They had one that said “bitch magnet” on the reverse but I didn’t have the nerve.

12:15pm Bruno goes to get groceries while I finish watching the Madeline McCann Netflix series. He pays for the food, my sister pays for the Netflix subscription.

Daily total: €11.32

Weekly Total: €1242.32

Weekly Review

Wedding costs are really accumulating now, which is reflected in this week’s whopper total! I definitely had some notions about just “finding the money” for some fab wedding shoes, or “making it work” when it comes to our honeymoon budget, but Bruno is a budget wizard and, with everything mapped out for the next while, I’m a lot less optimistic about cultivating an ability to pull money out of my butt.

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