You CAN Get BHLDN Wedding Dresses in Ireland

You CAN Get BHLDN Wedding Dresses in Ireland


If you’ve been following Only a Wedding on Instagram, you’ve probably been bitten by the BHLDN wedding dress bug. We love the laid-back designs, the sheer amount of choice and the budget-friendly price point. Our only gripe is availability; BHLDN isn’t stocked in any Irish boutique.

However, you can’t keep a good wedding geek down. With a bit of measuring tape and a lot of chill, you can get your BHLDN wedding dress shipped to Ireland.

BHLDN Ships Wedding Dresses to Ireland

So, BHLDN doesn’t have a physical stockist here, but it does offer international shipping, little old Eire included. Standard delivery time is just 4-7 days. Most dresses, unless they are out of stock, will ship immediately.

That speed comes with a price tag. Not including customs, BHLDN charges €100 for delivery of wedding gowns. If you’re buying smaller bits (accessories, shoes) there’s a flat-rate charge of €33. Currency fluctuations may occur, obvs, but the flat rates don’t usually change.

So, yep, you can get BHLDN wedding dresses to Ireland with relative ease. If you’re not turned off by the cost of shipping, there’s only the fitting-room, or lack thereof, dilemma to contend with…

BHLDN Online Consultation Experience

The fact that you won’t be trying on your wedding dress before you buy could turn the most chill bride into a stress head. However, there a few nerve-settling services in place for Irish brides.

Firstly, the fit guide. BHLDN lists all the measurements for each dress, has comprehensive sizing charts and a guide on how to take your own measurements. It’s not quite foolproof, but it’s a huge help.

Secondly, whether you end up purchasing a dress or not, you can avail of phone or email consultation with a BHLDN stylist.

If you think you could make the leap and order online, lessen the variables by getting measured by a dressmaker in your area. It’s worth researching an alterations specialist anyway, as your gown might need a few changes once it arrives.

Before You Say I Do (to the dress)

Thinking you might take the plunge? There are a few points to consider, just to ensure your dress shopping goes as smoothly as possible:

At the time of writing this piece, there’s a waiting list of just over a week to speak with a BHLDN stylist. It’s no time at all, but just be mindful that there can be delays, even with online dress shopping.

Dresses can go on back-order, especially during wedding season. This means you might have to wait a few weeks until a dress comes back in stock. So, again, no last-minute online shopping, plz.

In terms of quality, reports on BHLDN gowns are generally really good. Brides say the dresses feel less structured than boutique-level gowns, but reports of poor craftsmanship aren’t common at all.

Challenge Accepted?

If you end up buying from BHLDN, let us know! We always want real feedback from brides. Ahem, and a peek at wedding pictures.




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