Can You Wear Red to a Wedding? | Only a Wedding Readers Vote!

Time and time again, Only a Wedding readers voted against dress codes at weddings. Then Sophie Turner rocked up to her co-stars’ wedding in thigh-high boots and blazer, and we lost what little chill we’d had.

The discussion, which took place over on our daily Instagram polls, saw 89% of readers vote that the boots-and-blazer combo was inappropriate. From there, talk quickly moved from that particular outfit to guest attire in general, and one specific convention was put forward; you can’t wear red to a wedding.

You CAN Wear Red!

This suggestion was put to poll, where it gained support just 7% of readers.


However, we were curious about where seventy-ish (this daily poll was voted on by just under 1000 people, but please don’t make us do exact maths) people got the idea that red is verboten.  We questioned readers, pals, family – anyone who knew what clothes and weddings are, basically.

Where Does The Rule Come From?

Our findings revealed … a lot of nothing. We couldn’t pin the convention to any single region or demographic with great certainty. We did, however, tease out what the particular issue is with red. Those who think it should be avoided say that it’s an eye-catching colour, too dramatic to wear to somebody else’s big day. A pattern might pass, but an entirely red dress, in their book, is an attempt to upstage the bride.

Our take on it? No, no, nope. Firstly, the idea that red is ultra vampy is incredibly dated. Secondly, the rule is nowhere near widespread enough to fret about. We’re officially declaring it to be Not a Thing. Go forth, wear red, be grand.

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