8 Cool Wedding Food Trucks in Ireland

Food trucks can work well at any type of wedding. Whether you’re keeping it low key and having a pizza reception, or you just fancy some extra tea and scones, there are tonnes of options. Today’s post looks at eight cool food truck styles, from pizza to prosecco.

Eddie Rocket’s Wedding Food Truck

Mad as I am about Oreo milkshakes and fries, I didn’t know Eddie Rocket’s did weddings until recently. It was too late to book for my own wedding at that stage, and, while I’m sure it’ll probably be legally binding without the burgers, I would have LOVED to see everyone’s face when this food truck rounded the corner.

If you’re not committed to the Eddie Rocket life, the catering company that provides the service also offers other Irish faves like Insomnia, O’Briens the Shake Shop.

via The Vintage Parlour

The Vintage Parlour

If you fancy something with a touch of retro glamour, check out The Vintage Parlour.  This cute food truck serves ice-cream and scones with tea or coffee, and you can also opt-in for prosecco, doughnuts and cocktails.

There’s a price list for the food truck on their site too, which is always appreciated!

The Chip Van

Another one that’s gonna give your guests fuel to tear up the dance floor, The Chip Van offers “juicy burgers, jumbo hotdogs and beautiful battered cod.”Have a look through the rest of the menu and pricing on their website.

via The Shebeen

The Shebeen

Ok, there are no have favourites but this one is definitely the cutest. The Shebeen is a traditional Irish pub on wheels, serving whatever drinks you like, and Darby O’Gill realness.t


Veginity’s planted-based fish and chips sound like a real talking point, and it’s always nice to cater to your meat-free mates. Have a look at some of their dishes on their Facebook page.

Dave’s Wood Fired Pizza Co.

Pizza was always gonna get a spot on the list, and Dave’s Wood-Fired Pizza always gets golden reviews. You can opt for vegan mozzarella on the sourdough base too, so you’re sure to please all your guests.

Mexico K Chido

Like something a little more spicy? You’ll get your burrito and taco fix with Mexico K Chido, a food truck service that promises authenticity and classic Mexican flavours. Book or check out locations where you can taste some of their offerings on Roaming Hunger.

Boxty’s Food Truck

Galway-based Boxty’s menu is a spud-lover’s dream. I think “stuffed boxty pancake” is more poetic than anything I wrote down for my vows. Potato cakes aside, there’s loads of chip, burger and chicken options, plus a great kid’s menu.

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