Custom Snapchat Wedding Filters Launch in Ireland

Snapchat Design Page via Only a Wedding

There lots of things you can buy for your wedding day. You probably won’t need most of them, but even the weirdest, wildest accoutrements can seem necessary when you’re in the depths of a Pinterest binge. Like, we’re pretty sure somebody will print your initials and wedding date on rolls of toilet paper if you’ve got the cash.

Don’t steal that idea, we might be onto something.

The latest ‘something new’ for your wedding day? A custom Snapchat filter! Be honest, are your eyes rolling or lighting up?

Custom Snapchat wedding filters are more localised versions of geofilters, the text and images you can use to show what city you’re in. The only difference is that you can customise your own, and it will cover a smaller area for a shorter time.

As wedding extras go, custom Snapchat wedding filters aren’t as costly as you might expect. If you use Snapchat’s built-in designing tools and want your filter to run from the morning of your wedding until late that night, you’re looking at an outlay of less than a tenner. Not too shabby!

The verdict? It’s a novelty, and we love a novelty, but it means any Snaps you save from your big day will be filtered foreverm and those geofitlers might look weird in years to come. You know how photos from the 90s have the date in yellow at the bottom? Very like that, only with your tiny two-dimensional bride face. Not ideal.

If you want have a bash at designing a Snapchat wedding filter, there’s some pretty handy tools on the desktop site. Happy snapping!


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