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Elope in Austria | Elopement Guide for Marriage in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg)

Austria is one of our top suggestions for couples who are planning to elope in Europe. It is, in Irish parlance, an absolute ride of a country, plus it’s not too strict with its marriage laws. In fact, arranging an elopement in Austria is relatively straightforward.

Marriage Equality

Same-sex marriages are due to become legal in Austria staring January 1st 2019.

At present, couples of the same sex can only avail of civil unions, but there is pressure on the government to amend their marriage laws before the proposed 2019 date.

Elope in Austria | Elopement Guide for Marriage in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg)

via Faisten Berger

Residency Requirements

There is no residency requirement for couples who wish to elope in Austria, meaning you don’t have to live in the country for any time before or after your ceremony.

You will have to do some of the legal bit (see below) in person, but you don’t have to stay for any longer than it takes to file your documents.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Couples from abroad must file a marriage application at the main registrar’s office in Vienna. This can be done a maximum of six months before the date of the elopement, and must be done in person.

You’ll have to bring your Certificate of Freedom to Marry, which can be obtained from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The certificate must have been granted in the last six months.

Proof of address, a passport, photocopies of your passports and photocopies of your witnesses’ passports and your long-form birth certificate. If you’ve been divorced, widowed or adopted you will need to bring documentary evidence of this too.

Elopement Photographers In Austria

You don’t need all the bells and whistles of a wedding, but we’ve spoken to many couples who have eloped without a photographer and regretted it. Our suggestion is to book one, even if it’s just for the ceremony itself. You’ll have the pictures forever, and friends and family will really appreciate them.

It’s worth remembering that almost all of our favourite Irish wedding photographers will travel for an additional fee, so don’t feel like you have to start the search from scratch.

If you do want an elopement photographer that’s local to Austria, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you like fine art photography: pictures that are quite dramatic and creative. Check out Faisten Berger, Melanie Nedelko or Stephanie Swann.

Where to Elope in Austria

Salzburg is your man for fairy-tale architecture  and stunning mountain ranges. The Altstadt, its historic town centre, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, full of beautiful buildings and streets.

If you want a more alternative elopement ceremony, you can rent one of Vienna’s historic trams, get married and then go on a tour of the city. If that’s not quirky enough, consider a ceremony and mini-reception on Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel (genuinely, please consider this and invite us!).

For more low-key or traditional ceremonies, couples can marry at any of Austria’s registry offices.

Any Other Business?

Check out the Only a Wedding Ultimate Guide to Eloping  and have a nose at the results from our polls on elopement etiquette.

Make sure your passport is in date and get really, really good at folding tulle and remember to double check everything. We’ve aimed for total accuracy in our elopement guide, but there’s lots of moving parts with the legal stuff!

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