Embrace the Cactus Wedding Trend (but maybe wear gloves)

Look, we probably won’t ever figure out how cacti got so cool. We’ve got weddings to plan, there’s zero time to infiltrate Big Cactus and get to the bottom of it. What matters is that everyone’s favourite houseplant is here now, and it’s a damn good styling solution.

Not sure if you could work the cactus wedding trend into your vision? Let’s go through the options!

Budget-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are expensive. In Ireland, an outlay of over €1000 isn’t uncommon at all. Cacti, on the other hand, are much more affordable.

Lots of florists will sell nicely-potted options, but the real gold is in your garden centre. Plants will be well priced and plentiful, and you can dig around until you have exactly the shades and shapes you want.

If you’re re-potting your cacti, check stores like Tiger, Sostrene Grene and Pennneys. If you’re OK with some contrasting colours, hit up flea markets.

And finally, if you’re not ready to give up more traditional blooms, consider using just a few cacti to bulk out your floral displays. They complement one another surprisingly well.

Quirky Wedding Favours

The bonus here is that potted plants can do a few jobs. One cactus with a little ribbon can be an escort card, part of a centrepiece and a wedding favour to boot.

Just be mindful of practicalities; what looks good in a styled shoot might not work for your wedding. If you’re worried about mess, look into air plants. They can be potted without soil, so getting them home won’t be any hassle at all. Alternatively, terrariums (glass houses but dinky) can be sealed to ensure there aren’t any spillages.

Cactus Cake

Weirdly or wonderfully, there are lots of ways to work cacti into your wedding cake.

We love succulent-themed cupcakes; all the aesthetic appeal of a plant, all the flavour of a dessert. What’s not to like? For larger cakes, ask your baker to add cactus details and leaves with buttercream.

If that’s a little but too obvious, you can work some greenery into your cake decorations, as shown above. A few springs here, a few leaves there. Gorgeous! Just be sure nobody gets spikes with their slice.

Cactus Wedding Invites + Stationery

If it’s to your taste, you’re never going to be short of inspiration – alternative floral and plant themes are huge in wedding stationery.

There are two main cactus stationery styles; tropical and bold or mossy and refined. The tropical colourway is true to the origins of the trend, but the muted option is a little bit more current.

There are tonnes of premade options (check sites like Minted for affordable invitations), and Pinterest is full of inspiration if you’re getting a custom invitation suite. Our advice; make sure your invites tie in with your theme. Cacti are very cute; it’s easy to go full desert-glam when you’re chatting with your illustrator, but your vision won’t tally if the rest of your wedding is very traditional.


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