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How Much Do Wedding Dresses Cost in Ireland?

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It’s tough to know what you should budget for your wedding dress, but we’re hoping to make the process a little easier! We’ve listed what you can expect to pay for wedding dresses in Ireland, from budget options to luxury gowns.

High Street Wedding Dress Prices…

High street bands like French Connection, ASOS* and Dorothy Perkins have bridal collections that range from about €100 to €600. Move quick when these seasonal collections come online; budget-savvy brides tend snap these launches up very quickly. Most high street brands won’t restock their bridal ranges.

Rental Wedding Dresses…

You can hire a wedding dress from a few different Irish retailers. Prices range between €100 and €400. Places like Covet in Dublin and The Ivory Closet in Limerick even make temporary alterations to your dress so it fits like a glove. We’re huge fans of this option. It’s sustainable and more affordable. Win win!

Vintage Wedding Dresses

You might find something incredible on Etsy or eBay for sheckles, but vintage bridal boutiques tend to set their price point from around €400 to €1800, with a premium on more elaborate and perfectly-preserved vintage gowns.

Charity Shop Wedding Dresses

A few of the big names in charity shops also have bridal boutiques where prices from €250. Both Barnardos and Oxfam have boutiques in Dublin.

Discount Wedding Dress Retailers and Outlets

Lorraine brought you along on her try-on sesh at Wed2be, where the prices range from under €100 to €699. Similar outlets like Smart Brides and Bridal Village will be around the same price, though outlets that carry sample dresses (see below) will have stock that goes up to around €2000.

Sample Wedding Dress Savings

If you’re following some bridal boutiques online you’ll probably see sample sale dates being advertised. Sample sale events held so boutiques can clear stock to may way for new-season gowns. The dresses in this sale will have been tried on by other brides and might be lightly damaged or slightly stained, so you’ll make some great savings. The price depends on the original cost of the dress, but they’ll usually be reduced by between 25 to 50%, sometimes higher if you’re lucky.

Secondhand Wedding Dresses

This is a tough one to gauge. It depends on the original cost of the dress, its condition and how in-demand it is. Sites like Stillwhite tend to have wedding dresses with savings of around 40%, but there are some gems with even bigger reductions. You can really bag a bargain if you’re willing to make the leap and buy online – but we’d always advise being very, very cautious. You can also poke around the Facebook Marketplace, Done Deal and Adverts.

Bridal Boutiques

You’ll need upwards of €1200 in your budget to get the Say Yes to The Dress experience. We’ve found that lots of bridal boutiques will have a couple gowns at the €1000 mark, with more choice around €2000 to €4000, and some blow-out gowns that cost more. 

Custom Wedding Dresses

The sky is the limit with custom wedding gowns, but most Irish designers will take commissions from brides with budgets of around €1500 and up. 

Luxury Wedding Dress Designers

Plot twist – the dresses we wrote about in the boutique category that cost thousands and thousands of euro aren’t the top-of-the-line option. Weddings, eh? Couture wedding dresses carry the largest price tags. Prices start at around €3500, but that’s really on the lower end of things. Some luxury wedding dress designers won’t have much choice at all until you get past the four-figure bracket.


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