How Much Does Wedding Makeup Cost in Ireland?

We always say how important it is that your wedding budget is grounded in reality. By that, we mean you should check out average costs and email vendors before getting your heart set on anything.

To help make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row, we’ve got a guide on how much your wedding makeup will cost in Ireland. Notebooks at the ready!

Wedding Makeup Package Deals

Most bridal makeup artists in Ireland offer their services in package deals. The package will cover yours and two or three other faces, usually bridesmaids and a mammy. This price will be their minimum call-out fee, which means that you’ll pay it even if you only have one bridesmaid.

For a package that covers the bride and two additional faces, you’ll find prices range from around €225 to €400.

Travel Costs Extra

In some cases, makeup artists charge extra for travel. We’ve seen charges of around €20 for travel within a county and we’ve also seen costs over €400 for long drives and overnight stays in Ireland. You’ll be looking at more if you’re having a beach wedding on a remote island resort, obvs.

In-Salon Bridal Makeup Deals

A lot of money can be saved if you can make it to a salon or makeup studio on the morning of your wedding. Here, you can avoid package deals and just pay for your own makeup, which is brill if you’re not having maids. Prices range from around €50 to €90 for bridal makeup, and bridal trials range from around €40 to €70.

If you’re going this route, make sure you check that the salon will open early enough to allow you to get to your venue or next appointment on time. Many salons will open earlier for bridal parties, but it’s not worth leaving to chance.

Nixers and Friendors

The above prices are based on vendors that specialise in bridal makeup. If you’re happy to go with somebody who is building up their portfolio or who has less experience in the industry, you’ll probably shave a few quid off your bill.

However, we caution against the use of friendors for stuff that takes front and centre at your wedding. Y’know, like your face. If you’re going to get a friend of a cousin to do a nixer, it’s wise to book a trial and have a good nose around pictures of their previous work.

Note: We’ve featured two Irish makeup artists in this post because their work (and their brides!) are stunning, but there’s no link between these makeup artists and the prices we’ve listed. You’ll have to contact them directly with any price queries – we’ve compiled our price guide from a massive range of vendors.

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