How NOT to Choose Your Wedding Day Perfume


Brides of yore might have been happy to shop their stash, but many engaged women are now shopping for new wedding day perfumes, hoping to associate that specific scent with their wedding day.

The beauty of the idea is the strength between scent and memory. Women break out their bridal perfume on special dates and anniversaries, evoking the feelings they had on the day they got married. It’s a cute idea, and loads of Only a Wedding readers got in touch to say it works for them.

Interested? We’re big believers in the treat yo’ self way of life, but cast your eyes over our quick wedding-day perfume cheat sheet. We’ve not some tips on how NOT to choose the you’ll wear on your wedding.

Layering Scents is a Swizz, Mostly

Lots of fragrance brands recommend layering two different fragrances on your wedding day, leaving you with a scent that’s unique to you. We’re totally on board with this if you’re a fragrance whizz. Go all out, balance that floral with some citrus, girl!

The thing is, most of us aren’t hobby perfumers. Unless you’re nipping off to a niche fragrance house or layering fragrances that don’t really work well together, you’re probably going to end up with a blend that many other brides have chosen before. And hey, there’s no harm in that! Do as you please, but don’t part with your hard-earned cash for a notion of individualism that doesn’t hold water.

Perfumes are expensive enough without the growing trend for buying two. Our stance: go all out if you’re a fragrance enthusiast, but don’t feel like you’ve got to fill your cart at Jo Malone to get perfume that will make you feel special.

Don’t Choose a Bridal Fragrance

Scent is a personal thing. Don’t feel pressured to seek out a perfume that’s delicate and girly if your usual poison is, well, Poison.

You’ll be the one wearing it all day, so your only concern, beyond practicalities like longevity and cost, should be that you love it. Wear what you love, something you’ll look forward to breaking out for anniversaries.

Don’t Forget About Your Bouquet

Some of your flowers might have great scent throw that will compliment the right fragrance, others might clash. It’s not as make-or-break as other factors, but it’s still worth keeping in mind if you’ve got a sensitive nose.

As a bonus, you’ll probably have your flowers picked out before your perfume, so make a note of the dominant notes in the bouquet; the choices you’ve made with your flowers might lead you to your perfect perfume with way less deliberation than shopping blind.

Don’t Buy it Before You Budget

It’s tempting to tick some of the smaller wedding tasks off your list early on, especially the nice ones like choosing your bridal perfume. However, this choice is best left until you’ve drawn up your budget, or at least looked into how much the day you’d like will cost.

Why? You might find that layering a Byredo perfume over a Tom Ford Private Blend will mean you’ll be making considerable cutbacks elsewhere, and is that really worth it? Probs not. Sorry, Tom.


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