How to Announce Your Engagement | Social Media, Photo Shoots, Carrier Pigeons

Consider Your Nearest and Dearest

Before you take to social media, speak with close friends and family members. They’ll definitely appreciate the personal touch, and you’ll have the chance to see or hear them react, which is always lovely. If you can’t be near them, do your best to video chat or make a phone call rather than just texting. It’s understandable that you might want to get the news out as quickly as possible, but we promise you’ll be delighted when the well-wishing isn’t just a series of emojis and that gif of Homer Simpson coming down the stairs in Marge’s wedding dress.

Also, make sure your partner hasn’t been delayed in speaking with a favourite aunt or close-but-busy pal before you go near Facebook or Instagram. You might have ticked your third cousins and old roommates off the list, but your partner might need more time to get around everyone.

Give Your Pals Some Space

If your engagement closely follows the engagement of one of your mates, keep your lips sealed for a while. It’s good manners to allow them some time to celebrate their good news before everyone turns their attention to you and your partner.

This extends to weddings and births too. Sure, some people say they’d like the extra merriment on their big day, but 66% of Only a Wedding readers voted that you should let your pals have some space.

Are We Doing Engagement Shoots Now?

There’s no doubt that engagement shoots are getting more popular in Ireland, but don’t feel under pressure to book one if you’re on the fence. Only 24% of our readers said they would be celebrating their engagement with a photography section, so they’re definitely not part and parcel of Irish weddings just yet.

If the idea of an engagement shoot does appeal to you and you’ve got the budget for it, we’re totally on board. It’s an opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer before the big day, plus you’ll have some pictures of a really special time in your life. Expect to pay upwards of €250 for a session.

Announce Your Engagement on Social Media

Once your family and closest pals have heard the news, you might want to let acquaintances know on Facebook and Instagram. Most couples pop up a picture of themselves or of the ring, but don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. A few lines of text or a throwback picture will get the message across just as well.

Whatever the format, try your best to reply to well wishers, or at least acknowledge their comments. Setting aside ten or fifteen minutes the day after should be enough time to let your friends know you appreciate their kind words.

How to Announce Your Engagement in the Newspaper

Let your middle class flag fly and get on the blower to The Irish Times, The Guardian, The Irish Independent or your local newspaper. They’ll run your announcement in their print edition and often on their website too, which might be something to note if you try to limit your digital presence.

It might not be the most efficient way to spread the news, but it’s definitely the cutest. Keep hold of the issue as a keepsake and you can tell your pals that your engagement made headlines.

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