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How to Elope PROPERLY Across The World | Ultimate Elopement Guide

Opting to elope cuts out a lot of the work that comes with planning a wedding, but it still requires some care and preparation. We’ll be sharing country-specific guides on how to elope (follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates) but today’s post is the ultimate guide to eloping, no matter where you want to go.

Wrap Your Head Around The Legal Part

If you want your elopement to be legally binding, you’re going to have to familiarise yourself with marriage law in the country where your ceremony will be taking place.

This will involve ensuring you give the required notice, you have the correct documentation and you meet the legal criteria for marriage. Some information is available on the Citizen’s Information elopement page, but most rules will be specific to the country you’re eloping to. Be sure all your legal ducks are in a row before you make any plans.

What Are The Residency Requirements?

A residency requirement is the length of time non-citizens must reside in a country before you can legally tie the knot. Some countries have no residency requirement at all, which is great for couples hoping to elope.

Other countries aren’t as laid-back, and residency requirements can be months or years. So, yep, this is worth checking out before you’ve booked your tickets.

Be Aware of Hidden Costs

Just like weddings, elopements carry their own hidden costs. In some countries, you will be required to hire a translator at your own expense, and legal fees are inescapable. Again, pricing and requirements differ from region to region, but can add up very quickly.

On top of that, think of travel costs, insurance and walking around money – the latter is crucial if you’re honeymooning after your ceremony. You don’t want to leave yourself short for the rest of your trip.

Don’t Ditch The Budget

On that note, don’t forget to make a budget. Sure, elopements can be cheaper than big family weddings, but costs can spiral if you’re not careful, especially as so many transactions will be done remotely. It’s possible to elope on a small budget, but there are also luxury elopement packages that will set you back tens of thousands of euro.

So, before you even think about opening your wallet, get onto Google and research the average cost of wedding services where you’re getting hitched to avoid nasty surprises.

Look into Local Planners

Depending on the day you have in mind, hiring a planner that’s local to where you want to elope could save you a lot of time and money. Often, they’ll be able to help out with the boring legal bits (see above), plus they’ll have good relationships with local vendors.

Meet Your Vendors

If you can swing it, try to meet with your officiant, photographer and other vendors before the elopement so that you don’t feel like you’re surrounded by strangers on your big day. If that’s not possible, arrange a chat on Skype. This will be particularly useful if you’re nervous about the ceremony.


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