How to Make Your First Dance Less Awkward

Not looking forward to your first dance? You’re not alone! Lots of couples dread dancing with an audience. If it’s stressing you out a lot, read on. There are a few different things you can do to minimise the cringe and ensure your first dance as a married couple goes smoothly.

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Don’t Have a First Dance

I’ve spoken with men and women who dread their own wedding because of the first dance, or the speeches, or walking up the aisle. If that’s you, I have some great news – you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Dancing truly isn’t your thing? Skip it!

Tell your gang that you’d rather kick off the dancing with them at your side. If you’re unlucky and they argue, just be firm. They won’t drag you onto the dancefloor on the night.

Have a Trial Run

If you want to dance, but you worry your moves will let you down, have a trial run at home. Put on some music, grab your partner and see what feels most comfortable. There are tonnes of tutorials for simple first-dance steps on Youtube, if you need a little guidance.

Get Your Bridal Party to Join

This is a popular choice, one that’s the best of both worlds – you and your partner take to the floor for twenty seconds or so, then your bridal party/best mates/family join in. It takes the focus off you and encourages the rest of the guests to the dance floor.

To swing this, get your DJ or band to call your designated dance buddies to the dance floor at a certain point in the song. If you’re just using a playlist, chat with your mates beforehand and tell them when they need to hop in.

Embrace The Shuffle

Ok, so you and your partner have four left feet between you. Does it really matter? Nope! Rest your hands on their waist and shuffle from side-to-side like it’s your first visit to the youth-centre disco. When you’re a newlywed, everything looks romantic. In fact, being a bit awkward is probably more endearing than subjecting everyone to a choreographed routine. Just be yourself. Nobody will be judging you, promise!


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