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How to Pick Your Wedding Flowers | How Much Will Wedding Flowers Cost?

You’re probably here because you’ve suddenly realised that flowers aren’t ‘the easy part’ of wedding planning. Don’t fret, we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to pick weddings flowers, and some fab inspiration shots too. Read on!

Set Your Budget

Newly-engaged couples often walk into wedding research with supermarket bouquet pricing on the brain, which is a recipe for disaster. With wedding flowers, you’re paying for expertise, transport, decoration time and then the stock itself. Because of that, the absolute lowest price you’ll pay for a bridal bouquet is around €60. More commonly, bridal bouquets will cost around €100, but top-of-the-line bunches come in closer to €200. Another reason why brides aren’t throwing their bouquets any more!

Generally speaking, the most expensive floral decor will be the largest. If you’re mad for those super trendy flower walls, prepare to part with a few thousand quid for that alone. Floral arches are also an expensive option, with prices averaging out at €450.

With smaller decor pieces, the question of cost is a bit more tricky, as size can vary so much. As a guide, most brides we spoke to went for centrepieces that cost around €100 per table.

Shop Seasonally

You’ve got to check what flowers are in season on the date you’re getting married. The cost of a flower can vary massively depending on what time of year you wed, and it might be impossible to get some in the quantities you’ll need them.

Your florist will be able to tell you what’s in season for your wedding. As a general rule, spring and summer brides have their pick of the pack, but autumn and winter brides have to be a bit more creative. Once you know what time of year you’re getting hitched, you’ll be able to get more accurate quotes from florists.

Eat, Sleep and Breathe Inspiration

Once you’ve got a decent grounding in the general cost of flowers and the vibe of your wedding, start collecting inspiration. This will help hone in on what you really like, and florists always appreciate it if you can show them a mood board or collection of images that inspire you.

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