Is Wedding Tax a Real Thing? | Irish Vendors + Readers Weigh In

Those who believe in a wedding tax define it as an extra charge that vendors add when they find out you’re booking their services for a wedding, not just a birthday or anniversary. Wedding tax truthers believe that the tax is added for no other reason than wedding vendors feel they can get away with it. They often suggest not informing your vendor that the gig is actually a wedding, so that they can’t impose the tax.

We ran this by Only a Wedding Instagram followers on one of our themed daily polls, and the results were pretty surprising.

77% said that they believe the wedding tax is real. 66% said they’d think about misleading their vendors to try to get a better rate.

If you voted with the majority, we have some bad news. As much as these things can be determined, we can’t say that there is an arbitrary wedding tax.

Firstly, We’re Not Biased, Honest!

Sure, a small number wedding sites and magazines are can be overly careful not to upset vendors that keep them in business by buying advertising space, but Only a Wedding was founded as the antidote to that kind of shilling. We said not to fork out for wedding fairs last week and we’d say it again. We’re team bride, first and foremost.

Weddings Do Cost More, With Good Reason

Now, before 77% of you reach for your pitchforks, we aren’t denying that vendors charge more for weddings than they do other events. It’s often the case. However, the additional cost isn’t just plucked out of the air.

Some vendors incur more costs for weddings than they do for smaller events. They might need to hire an assistant, use up more product or spend more time with prep.

Photographers, for example, are charging for their time on the day and then days or weeks of follow-up editing work. Many will go to the venue to check out good shooting spots before the big day. It’s very time consuming, which also limits the other bookings the vendor can accept.

Weddings Are Hard

We could go into the expertise that vendors need to have to work at weddings, but it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Of course the artist who can pull off an elegant/long-wearing/comfortable bridal makeup look is going to charge more than the artist who is cutting their teeth on a makeup counter.

When we say that weddings are hard, we’re talking about the pressure. We’re talking about how all of the vendors we know would move mountains to make it to a wedding they’d book, through illness or other unforeseen circumstances. A friend checked herself out of hospital to tend to her client’s updo. There’s immense effort in ensuring everything runs smoothly for a wedding, with greater risks when there are issues. It’s only right that vendors receive greater reward for those risks.

Please Don’t Trick Your Vendor

If we haven’t managed to convinced you that the idea of a wedding tax is BS, at least trust us when we say that booking a vendor without telling them that your event is a wedding is an awful idea. Depending on what service they offer, they might turn up without equipment, they might not have the expertise to cater or a wedding or they might just freak out – justifiably.

They’ll most likely feel duped (because you duped them) and will probably struggle to pull off what they could have, if they’d been given proper information.


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