Top 8 Luxury Wedding Venues in Ireland | Castle, Country House + Exclusive Use

Extreme luxury isn’t our usual vibe on Only a Wedding, but we’re a) extremely nosy and b) not entirely set in our ways. With that in mind, today’s venue guide explores some of the most luxurious places to get married in Ireland. We’ve got castles, country houses and five-star hotel venues fit for the fanciest of guests. Gird your budgets!

Sheen Falls Lodge, Co. Kerry

Sheen Falls Lodge is one of the more secluded venues on our list, sited at the foothills of the Caha Mountains in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. The grounds extend over 300 acres, with views of the Kenmare bay and the Sheen Falls waterfall itself.

Guests have access to the gym and spa facilities, but also to Sheen Falls’ activities team, who will arrange falconry, kayaking or horse riding sessions. So fancy.

What’s the best bit? Location, location, location. The view from the lodge is absolutely breathtaking; it’s surrounded by some of Ireland’s most beautiful countryside. Perfect for photos and post-wedding walks.

How much does it cost? Year-round packages start from €125pp, with winter rates starting from €115. More wedding package details are available on the Sheen Falls website.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Ireland | Kilshane House

via Kilshane House

Kilshane House, Co. Tipperary

Kilshane House is an exclusive-use country house in Co. Tipperary. Its known for its 19th century conservatory, The Orangerie, where couples can host larger receptions. There’s also expansive gardens and a lake with a small pagoda that makes for beautiful first-look pictures.

What’s the best bit? Bigger is better; The Orangerie can seat 220 guests. You, and basically everyone else you’ve ever met, shall go to the ball.
How much does it cost? Prices start at €100pp. Wedding package details are on Kilshane House’s website.

Lough Eske Castle, Donegal

With battlements, a ballroom and a view of Lough Eske itself, this castle is our pick for couples who want a venue that truly has a fairy-tale vibe. Added luxury comes in the form of a five-star spa, and couples who want to have their ceremony on-site are spoiled for choice. The rock garden is perfect for outdoor weddings, and bookish couples can tie the knot in the library.

The best bit? It’s pet-friendly! The team will provide your cat or dog their ‘very own welcome bed basket and blanket’ when you book a room. Too cute.

How much does it cost? This is the most affordable of our luxury picks, with wedding packages start from €69pp. Wedding package details for Lough Eske can be found on their website.

via David McClelland

The Shelbourne, Dublin

The Shelbourne has been one of Ireland’s most prestigious wedding venues for a literal lifetime, and then some. Rich heritage, opulent interiors and an address on Stephen’s Green earn bragging rights for the venue.

Added to that, it’s a bit of a one-stop shop, albeit an extremely luxurious one. There are in-house florists and an on-site salon for hair and makeup.

The best bit? It’s tempting to just gesture in the direction of The Shelbourne. It’s just so fancy, forgive us.

How much does it cost? Prices start at €140pp. The Shelbourne’s website has more details on its wedding packages.

Temple House, Co. Sligo

Temple House is one of the most beautiful country houses we’ve come across. It’s got more of a laid-back vibe than some similarly luxurious venues – perfect for couples who want their wedding to feel like a huge celebration.  You get exclusive use of the house for as many days as you want, budget allowing, obvs.

The best bit? Lots of couples make their speeches from the stairwell, overlooking their guests in a stunning, beautifully decorated hall. It makes for incredible pictures.

How much does it cost? Cost on request. Full wedding package details on Temple House here.

Ashford Castle, Co. Mayo

Fellow wallpaper enthusiasts (just us?!) need to check out Ashford Castle. It’s the most exquisite, most lavish venue you’ll find, guaranteed. We’re absolutely wild about is interior, and the grounds are something to behold too; Ashford Castle is on the edge of Lough Corrib, at the centre of its estate gardens.

The best bit? We’re can’t get over the interior design at Ashford Castle. It’s like a museum of gorgeous carpet. Stunning, truly – a must for decor nerds.

How much does it cost? Pricing is only available on request.Have a look at the Ashford Castle’s wedding packages here.

Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow

Even if you haven’t been a guest at Powerscourt, you might have seen inside the venue on social media – it’s massively popular with celebrities and socialites. Couples who want a leafy retreat without too much of a trek from Dublin can get the best of both worlds here. Powerscourt is surrounded by gorgeous woodland, but only a 30-minute drive from the city.

The best bit? It’s just thirty minutes outside Dublin but it has all the trappings of a countryside wedding; perfect for couples who have guests coming in from abroad.

How much does it cost? Wedding packages start at €115 per person in the off season. More details about wedding packages can be found on the Powerscourt website.

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