MAC Lasting Sensation Is The Lip Colour of Summer 2018

MAC Lasting Sensation

We love lipsticks, we love coral, and we adore an underdog. Hence, we’re declaring MAC Lasting Sensation the lip colour of summer 2018.

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Lasting Sensation launched over seven years ago. It was part of a pretty sizeable summer collection, and we feel like it never got the attention it deserved. During our (very serious) deliberations on the Official Summer Shade rankings, we spoke to lots of beauty writers, and none owned Lasting Sensation before we brought it to their attention.

Obviously, this is one of the greatest injustices of our time. That, and the fact that we couldn’t make wedding pies a thing.

Why You Need It…

One, it’s a super striking unique shade, so it’s highly unlikely that you’ve got a similar one in your collection already. There’s a stack of self-help books in Only a Wedding headquarters, and they all say branching out is good for the soul. Were they talking about bigger steps than lip-liner choices? We’ll never know for sure, so let’s just say no.

Two, it’s so bold that you can wear it with very little makeup and still look polished – ideal for honeymoons, ideal for being lazy but glam.

Three, and you’ve got to exercise trust here, Lasting Sensation is surprisingly wearable. You can slick a warm nude over it and it’ll lean peachy, or you can dab on some balm to take down some of its vibrancy. Opt for the latter and you’re left with a more muted colour that’s still got a bit of intrigue.

There’s no fourth reason, because hey, it’s only a lip liner, if three solid points didn’t convince you then you’re head probably can’t be turned. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t choose the contents of its makeup bag.

So, think you’ll be hopping on the Lasting Sensation train?



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