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Top 8 Luxury Wedding Venues in Ireland | Castle, Country House + Exclusive Use

Extreme luxury isn't our usual vibe on Only a Wedding, but we're a) extremely nosy and b) not entirely set in our ways. With that in mind, today's venue guide explores some of the most luxurious places to get married in Ireland. We've got castles,…

Wedding Suits for Trans Grooms in Ireland | Bespoke Suit Tailoring For Transgender Men

We’ve been admiring the work of American tailors like Bindle and Keep, The Tailory and Sharpe Suiting from afar. They are amazing suit makers with expertise in kitting out transgender men and non-binary folk, and their social media pages are full of wedding-wear inspiration. With these companies in mind, we spoke to Irish tailors and […]

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Elope in Austria | Elopement Guide for Marriage in Austria (Vienna, Salzburg)

Austria is one of our top suggestions for couples who are planning to elope in Europe. It is, in Irish parlance, an absolute ride of a country, plus it’s not too strict with its marriage laws. In fact, arranging an elopement in Austria is relatively straightforward. Marriage Equality Same-sex marriages are due to become legal […]

Beauty We Bought | Makeup Launches We Paid For Ourselves

Beauty We Bought | Makeup Launches We Paid For Ourselves

You don’t have to be a super sleuth to find out what the latest beauty launches are. In fact, flicking through Insta Stories can sometimes feel like a new-makeup QVC special. While we’re always ready to pour over exciting launches, our interest lies with the products that beauty writers and top bloggers will seek out […]