Real Engagement Story in Dublin 8 | Chupi, St. Valentine and Doughnuts

From rings to relics, Hazel and Barry’s engagement story has everything we love about a proposal. It’s fun, it’s filled with love and it’s true to who they are.

Also, there are doughnuts.

Real Engagement Story in Dublin 8 - St. Valentine, Chupi and Doughnuts

Kyle Ring via Victor Barbone

The Proposal

They met in 2010 in Donegal, Ireland. Five years, a zillion dates and  later, they were in Dublin, passing the place where a friend had recently gotten hitched. Barry turned to Hazel;

“Will we get married this year?”

Just like that! No fretting, no flash mob, no fuss. The dream.

The Ring

The ring came a few months after the proposal. Hazel, displaying levels of chill that we can only dream of, selected her ring from Chupi’s Powerscourt store in just ten minutes. She’d had her eye on a few styles, so figured going to the Dublin designer for an engagement ring was the perfect two-birds-one-stone opportunity.

As Chupi hadn’t yet launched a dedicated bridal range, Hazel’s prasolite ring is truly one of a kind. She had it recast in solid gold, and the green stone itself calls to mind her now-husband’s eyes. This is almost too cute, but we’ll allow it because 1. it really does match his eyes, you guys! and 2. he’s quite the looker. *bangs gavel*

The Details

Ring on finger, the couple walked to their Synge Street home via the Carmelite Church on Aungier Street, stopping off at the shrine of St. Valentine. Hazel knew that some of St. Valentine’s relics were kept there, and came up with the idea of ‘showing’ her ring to St. Val for luck.

After the meeting with the patron saint of love himself, they made a second stop off. This time it was in the hallowed halls of Aungier Danger, a doughnut shop on their way home. Is there a better way to toast new beginnings? Almost definitively not.

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