The Best Mascara According to Only a Wedding Readers

We asked the Only a Wedding Instagram contingent (get involved!) to tell us what the best mascara is, and it became clear that great, wedding-nerdy minds do think alike. We’ve sorted the results into four categories below.

Did Benefit #Spon All Only a Wedding Readers?

Look, there’s been a lot of talk about an anti-Benefit bias in Only a Wedding HQ. Do we despise all of the mascaras? Yes. Will we pretend like you didn’t pick them as your all-time favourites? Yes.

Sorry, wait, fine, no, we won’t.

Benefit mascaras were mentioned more than any other brand. Rollerlash came out on top, but They’re Real and Bad Gal also held their own.

You Love Lancôme Too

Unsurprisingly, Lancôme has a lot of lovers too. Hypnôse Drama, promising clump-free volume, was most popular, but the newer Monsieur Big has got a place in your hearts too.

Our tip for brides is that Lancôme doesn’t eff around when it awards a mascara the waterproof tagline. It’s always a good idea to do a trial run, but we’re pretty confident that even the weepiest brides will get on well with the Lancôme waterproof line-up.

An Attempt Was Made

Estée Lauder’s Sumptuous Volume, Dior Diorshow and Urban Decay Perversion were mentioned multiple times, just not enough rank with the big boys.


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