The Handiest Wedding Dress Cleaning Service EVER

Wedmin doesn’t stop once you walk down the aisle. Thankfully we’ve found a service based in Celbridge, Kildare, that takes the pain out of one of the less exciting post-wedding tasks: cleaning and storing the dress.

The wedding dress cleaning service at Simplyclean caught our eye because of the genius delivery and packaging extras. Once your dress is freshened up, it’s packaged in a double-lined box, padded with acid-free tissue and a bodice shaper, ensuring the fabric and structure of the dress are perfectly preserved. There’s a viewing window on one side of the box, so you can check it out without having to unwrap and repackaging it every time. So handy!

We’re also extremely into the collection/delivery aspect of the service. Your dress can be collected from the venue or your home, stored by the company for up to three months (perfect if you’re having a whopper honeymoon), then delivered directly to your door. If you’re extra fancy, they’ll coordinate the pickups and drop-offs with your wedding planner.

We’re not sure they could do any more really, save wearing the dress on your behalf. We’ve never been less worried about rogue cocktail sausage morsels! Check them out on Facebook, or in the Maynooth and Celbridge dry cleaning outlets.


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