Naked Wedding Cakes (And Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes) | Ultimate Guide

A bakery near Only a Wedding’s HQ specialises in novelty cakes. Most recently, the focal point of its window display was an expertly crafted pair of sponge-and-fondant breasts.The bakery will probably whip up whatever extremity you fancy, but the boob cake is pretty emblematic of their work.

If a similar aesthetic flashes before your eyes when you think of naked cakes, you’re gonna be disappointed.

Naked wedding cakes are just sponges, layered with creams or jams and left uncoated. Semi-naked cakes are similar, only a very thin layer of buttercream icing will coat sections of the sponge, still allowing the layers and filling to show through.

Their popularity is linked to the rustic wedding trend – leafy, earthy, relaxed. They’re still detailed and styled, but the overall look is more casual than fondant or full-buttercream options.

Ultimate Guide | Naked Wedding Cakes (And Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes)

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Can I DIY Semi-Naked/Naked Wedding Cakes?

It’s tempting to think that less faffing around with nozzles and tubes means naked cakes are easy to DIY, but that’s not really the case; icing hides a multitude. Maybe one of your sponges is less golden, maybe one caught colour. What could be hidden with a dollop of buttercream is highlighted without.

You’ve also got to consider the line between rustic and shabby. A good baker will be able to fall on the right side of it, but cake decoration is skilled work – even if you’re not doing rose swirls. It’s very easy to get rustic wrong.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news (especially cake-related bad news).

What Does a Semi-Naked/Naked Cake Cost?

Usually, semi-naked and naked wedding cakes are cheaper than full-on fondant offerings. This varies a lot among vendors; some charge buttercream rates, which is just cheaper than fondant, others charge less again.

Because so much varies with cakes (size, intricacy of design, flavour), it’s difficult to give an average cost. Vendors we surveyed averaged around €350, which roughly tallies with the average cost of an Irish wedding cake in 2018.

Gimme Semi-Naked/Naked Cake Inspiration!

Instagram Fodder: The biggest trend in naked cakes is a dripping glaze, particularly if it’s metallic. It can be quite a bold look, particularly if you opt for contrasting colours, so probably an option for very modern couples.

The OG: Authentically rustic cakes showcase a lot of fresh fruit, floral garnishes and berries. Some couples display them on tree-trunk slabs, others on wooden slates. Go for natural materials and colours found in nature.

Flavour First: Take advantage of your sponge being on display and go for a rich chocolate or red velvet cake. Both shades tie in with the rustic theme, but they’re a little more eye-catching than golden sponge.

Ombre: Bucking the rustic trend altogether? Ombre cakes, where tiers change colour from top to bottom, are still trending. With naked cakes, your baker can colour the filling, the sponge, or both.

Will you be opting for a naked wedding cake?


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