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Vegetarian Wedding Menu Etiquette | Ultimate Guide

Got your heart set on a having a vegetarian wedding? We’ve spoken to vegetarian couples, guests of meat-free weddings and wedding caterers to bring you the ultimate guide to having a vegetarian wedding in Ireland.

Don’t Spook Your Guests

Some meat-eating guests might picture lettuce with a side of lettuce when you mention a vegetarian menu. Prepare yourself to put guests at ease and sell your menu; there’s no sense in being apologetic about your decision. If anything, it will make guests feel like you’re not confident in your choice and you’ll be setting yourself up for a failure.

Once you commit to the decision, you’ve got to totally get behind it. Don’t spook your guests by being apologetic or bashful.

Cater to Meat-Eaters with Clever Choices

In our research, we spoke to some meat-eaters who had been guests at vegetarian weddings. Some loved the food, some were left rooting around in their handbags for stray Starbursts.

See, you might not be serving meat, but it’s still important to consider the palates and appetites of your carnivorous guests. What’s hearty to a seasoned veggie might not state their roast-and-spuds pals. If you’re having guests who do eat meat, chat to your caterer about coming up with substantial, filling options.

Ethical Compromise

If you feel really stuck, there’s always the option to use meat from sources that strive for ethical production. We’re not short of free-range, organic farms in Ireland and, although it might not be ethical enough for you personally, it’s probably the best compromise you can make for yourself and meat-eating guests.

Vegetarian Wedding Menus in Ireland

Dead-set on a vegetarian menu? Two of our favourite Irish wedding venues have experience with meat-free meals. Check out Mount Druid in Westmeath and The Chocolate Factory in Dublin.

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