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Wedding Balloon Inspiration, Buying Guide, Tips + More | Ultimate Guide

Balloons are a great way to add colour to your wedding venue or brighten up your photos. They’re relatively affordable and fairly easy to track down. If you like how they look, your only concern should be what your venue’s policy is on balloons; some places ban on decor that might leave damage or be difficult to clear away.

You’ll understand if you’ve ever tried to retrieve a helium balloon from a high ceiling. Tricky is an understatement.

Where Can I Buy Wedding Balloons in Ireland?

Balloons are super popular, so the world is your helium-filled oyster. Here are a few specific options:

Woodie’s carries foil phrase and letter balloons, giant balloons, confetti balloons and helium. You’ll also be able to get fiddly bits like balloon weights and attachments here. Favour Lane is a great site for wedding decor and engagement party supplies too. It carries a similar range of wedding balloons and accessories, and is also based in Ireland. Try Party Parlour for wedding balloon tassels in every colour ever.  Again, this is an online store that’s based in Ireland.

Can I Get Cheap Wedding Balloons?

Balloons can be considerably cheaper on sites like Ali Express and Wish, so it’s tempting to have a go at DIY wedding balloon decor. If that’s the route for you, keep these three things in mind:

All may not be as it seems. Order a small batch of balloons and do a test run. Check how long the balloons can remain inflated, if they’re prone to popping and if they’re thick enough to withstand merry wedding guests. Be extra vigilant if your party supplies are going to within reach of younger guests. We’ve got pals (hey, Stone Travel) who have had great success with Ali Express wedding and hen party balloons though, so they’re definitely an option.

Secondly, you’ve got to be sure that you’re time rich. Orders from China can take weeks and weeks to arrive. If your balloon-wall notions are last minute, you might want to stick to European stockists.

And finally, setting up a balloon display requires a bit of skill. If you’re recreating something you’ve seen on Pinterest, things could be even more technical. As with all DIY endeavours, don’t overestimate your talents and underestimate the task. You don’t want to end up with a cluster of blush balloon art that’s looks like something out of a medical journal. We say this from experience.

General Wedding Balloon Tips

Balloons can look different when they’re fully inflated. Keep that in mind when you’re selecting shades and doing your trial runs.

Not all balloons work well with helium. Some smaller balloons and foil balloons must be tied and secured to stay in place. Make sure you’re not ordering something that won’t work for your display.

Factor helium and fastenings into your budget, and double check you’ve got enough for every balloon, especially if you’re using the 3ft options.

Give Me Wedding Balloon Ideas

Some Pinterest keywords for your perusal:

Balloon arches: Wrap balloons around a ceremony arch for maximum impact, or just use a couple of giant balloons to denote an archway.

Photo props: If balloons don’t mesh with your decor, you can still use one or two for wedding pictures. See the Studio Brown image above for inspiraiton.

Balloon aisle liners: Tie ’em to seats, or line the aisle by using small weights.

Balloon centrepieces: Once you ensure they’re sitting at a comfortable height, balloons make great centrepieces. Keep ribbons slim!

Balloon walls: A similar concept to the Kardashian-popularised flower wall, a balloon wall is a floor-to-ceiling block of balloons. They go nicely at the top of your aisle, where you’ll say your vows.

Got any other balloon questions? We’re all ears!

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