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Today’s post brings us out from behind the desk and into a fitting room. Lorraine headed to Wed2B in Dublin, Ireland to check out their budget-friendly wedding dresses, and she brought you along with her. Sorta. Scroll down for the full Wed2B experience!


The crowd that did Meghan Markle’s wedding frock hasn’t gotten in touch to dress me for my big day, which is weird, but there’s no time to sort out this mix-up.

I headed along to Wed2B and, as it’s a little different to bridal boutiques, thought I’d share the experience.

The Price

Speaking of difference, the price comes in way lower than at bridal boutiques. Wed2B is probably the biggest name in budget-friendly wedding dresses. Most gowns are under €599. There’s also a range of premium styles that cost up to €699. Accessories are affordable too, most Wed2B veils will leave you with change from €100.

No Appointment Needed

You don’t book an appointment, you just show up and join the queue. There might be no wait at all, but you might have a chunk of time to kill on Saturday or Sunday.

In my case, visiting the store on a weekday meant I was behind just two other brides. I could have used the hour wait to browse the rails with my gang, plus there was plenty of plush seating, but the manager took my phone number and said we were able to go to a nearby café for fry-ups. Well, she said coffees, but when you’re out, you’re out.

The Wed2B System

There’s a touch-screen tablet at the front of the store, where the consultant inputs your contact information. You’re then asked about sizing and directed to the rails that carry your size. You pick four favourites and bring them to the fitting room sofas. There’s a short wait for your consultant to set you up in your own booth.

If you want to try on four more dresses, you go back out and join the queue again. I was one of only two brides in the store when I wrapped on my first four, so there was no wait. This is worth noting if you’re not exactly sure of what styles suit you – you’ll want to head along on a weekday, when re-joining the queue won’t mean a very long wait.

The Fitting

Picture typical high street dressing rooms, only much bigger and with fancier decor. That’s what the Wed2B fitting rooms are like. A seating area for your entourage runs between two walls of fitting rooms, and each individual fitting room is hidden from view by a big velvet curtain.

The mirror takes up the entire back wall of the fitting room, and the dresses are hung each side. There’s a little platform that makes it easier to see how the dress will sit once you have it altered or are wearing heels.

The nice thing about the fitting rooms is that you don’t have to trek through the store, you just stand in place and the consultant pulls the curtain when you want to show your pals.

The Service

It’s definitely more hands-off at Wed2B than at other boutiques. My consultant didn’t pull any dresses or make any suggestions, but she was nice about the dresses I tried on and happy to let me and my pals/mam deliberate ourselves. There was zero pressure to buy and I didn’t feel awkward about almost instantly leaping out of the dresses that I didn’t like.  So yeah, you don’t get a glass of something fizzy and the run of the entire store, but I liked that it was very chilled out.

The Dresses

So fab! The level detail and structure was brilliant. The boning on one was so good that I shouted “I’m not even wearing Spanx!” to everyone in the greater Dublin area.

Whether or not you’ll like the aesthetic is just a matter of personal taste. I feel like the gowns have mass appeal. They were modern but not trend-led or edgy. They had slinky dresses, huge princess gowns and everything in between. There’s lots of choice, basically.

If you want to buy, you buy the dress off-the-rack. There’s no wait, you don’t order one in. This also means that dresses can go out of stock, so you’ve got to be decisive.

The Verdict

I was genuinely so impressed with the dresses, as were my gang. Like I say, there wasn’t a lot of pomp or ceremony, but I don’t really like consultants fussing over me. To my mind, the appointment felt natural and breezy. I’ve already pointed pals in the direction of the store, and of its neighbouring breakfast cafés. It’s a big bridal thumbs up from me!

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