Wedding Pies Need a Place at Your Table | Alternative Wedding Cake Inspo

Cheese boards, choux towers, doughnut walls; there are so many options for couples who want an alternative to traditional wedding cake. Unfortunately, as enjoyable (and tasty) as the deliberation stages are, there comes a time when you have to down fork and pick your wedding dessert. 

If you need a nudge in one direction, allow Only a Wedding to present you with the underdog of the dessert world – the wedding pie.

The Rustic Wedding Look

Naked and semi-naked cakes have been to go-to dessert at rustic weddings, but pies go just as well with the theme. Exposed fruits, golden pastry – even unadorned, they totally look the part.

If you want extra impact, add fresh fruits, florals and green garnishes. Your dessert will be the stuff of Pinterest dreams – just be sure you’ve checked that any decorative elements are safe for use and edible. Nobody wants a post-pie rash.

Looking for a DIY Dessert? Pies Aren’t So Tricky

If the Mary Berry of your friend group is helping out, they might find pies aren’t as high-pressure as cakes. They’re often cheaper and easier to whip up, plus you don’t have to be an icing-bag artist to perfect their look.

Also, while we don’t want to rub any pros up the wrong way by suggesting you take shortcuts, there is such a thing as Jus-Rol and we are not afraid to use it. Test it out in a trial run – it could be a huge time-saver, especially if you’re having a big pie bar.

As ever, make sure the DIY doer is competent and is happy to take on some test runs. Easy doesn’t mean foolproof – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You’ve Got Your Pick of The Pack

If it can fit in a pasty dish, it can be a pie flavour. The prevailing trend is for seasonal fruits.ultra-hip brides go locally-sourced and organic. If your wedding is in Ireland, it won’t be hard to pull this off; we’re rich in berries, TG.

For richer flavours, take inspiration from Americans, where wedding pies are already a thing – nuts, rich chocolate ganaches and caramel fillings will sate guests that might expect traditional desserts.

So, are you on board with wedding pies?


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