Wedding Suits for Trans Grooms in Ireland | Bespoke Suit Tailoring For Transgender Men

We’ve been admiring the work of American tailors like Bindle and Keep, The Tailory and Sharpe Suiting from afar. They are amazing suit makers with expertise in kitting out transgender men and non-binary folk, and their social media pages are full of wedding-wear inspiration.

With these companies in mind, we spoke to Irish tailors and grooms-to-be about how trans guys can get equally sharp suits on this side of the pond.

Wedding Suits for Trans Grooms in Ireland | Bespoke Suit Tailoring For Transgender MenInvest in a Bespoke Suit

There’s obvious comfort in a piece of clothing that’s been made to fit your body perfectly, but the real benefit of a bespoke suit is total control of what you want to enhance and what you’d rather downplay.

Chat to a good tailor about the kind of fit you like best in a suit and what parts of your body you want to accentuate. They’ll be able to come up with something that works for your shape and your personal style.

Navigating a Fitting

Wear the style of underwear that you plan on wearing to your wedding, especially if you wear a binder or anything that could affect how your suit sits.

If heading into a store for a fitting feels overwhelming, we like the option of booking in with My Personal Tailor. Measurements can be taken in your own home or in their private office. More importantly, their service is trans-inclusive. This should be the case with any decent tailoring service, obviously, but there’s no harm in checking with a tailor before you meet in person, especially if the prospect of a fitting is a source of stress.

High Street Groomswear + Tweaks

If a bespoke suit isn’t in your budget, you can always raid the high street. We love ASOS groomswear, Marks and Spencer wedding suits and Debenhams.

If fit is an issue with off-the-rack suits, it’s worth chatting to a tailor or alterations specialist about making some tweaks. You’ll get some of the perks of a totally bespoke suit for a fraction of the cost. More money for those wedding pies, are we right or are we right?

Don’t Dismiss Charity Shops

Everyone knows that you get the best value in charity shops, but people often overlook the other major benefit: being left alone and having access to gender-neutral changing rooms.

Don’t worry if the stock you’re finding is a little dated, the cut can be modernised while it’s being altered to fit your body


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