What Your Friends Think About Eloping | Only a Wedding Instagram Poll Results

Just before we published our ultimate guide on how to elope abroad, we asked Only a Wedding‘s Instagram followers to tell us what they think of elopements.

As usual, they didn’t hold back.

Worried About Family Reacting to Elopment?

Seventy percent of voters said they wouldn’t mind if a loved one eloped, while thirty percent said they’d be sad to miss the celebrations.

When asked if they thought eloping was always selfish, only fourteen percent of voters agreed. Eighty-six percent said that the couple should do whatever they want, that it’s their big day. Our thoughts exactly!

Is A Vegas Elopement Still Cool?

The King has left the building, folks. A paltry 23% of voters said a Las Vegas Elopement was the dream. The (extremely wrong!) majority of voters said they were totally over the whole Little White Chapel experience.

Eloping at Home or Abroad?

Stock up on travel sizes! Eighty-six percent of voters would opt to leave the country for an elopement, while fourteen percent would stay local.

Soz, Fáilte Ireland.

So, Can We Elope Then?

You can’t please everyone, but we’re glad to report that readers voted overwhelmingly in favour of couples doing whatever feels right for them.


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