When Should You Book Your Wedding Makeup + Hair in Ireland?

Following on from our post on how much wedding makeup costs in Ireland, we’ve got the deets on when you need to book a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist.

We’ve broken every option down into its pros and cons, with tips from brides who’ve been there and seasoned beauty industry experts too.

The Prime Date | 1 year +

Wedding hair and makeup artists are more in demand on some dates than they are on others. There’ll be more competition for peak wedding-season dates like summer bank holidays than there will for mid-week winter bookings. So, if you’re hoping to get hitched on New Year’s, get those emails sent. Dates like these will go fast, there’s really no such thing as booking too soon in this instance. Go, go, go!

The Most Popular Vendor | 1 year+

If your dream vendor is at the top of their game, always in the magazines and killing it on social media, they’ll be snapped up early too. In-demand hairstyles and makeup artists in Ireland take bookings well over a year in advance of weddings. So, if your heart is set on somebody that all the gals are after, you’ll need to get in as early as possible.

Picking From a Range | 10 months to 1 year

If you’re more chilled out about your makeup or hair and will happily pick from a handful of fab hair and makeup artists, you’ll find somebody great in this window and you should have a selection of trial appointments to choose from too.

Off-Peak Dates | 8 to 10 months

Mid-week and out-of-season brides have less competition, so can delay a bit more making their bookings. We’d still advise getting in as early as possible if you have your heart set on a particular vendor though – better safe than sorry!

Chill Bride | 6 Months

This is a difficult one to write because we have no chill. If you, however, do, and won’t panic when you a few “sorry, I’m booked!” emails, then you should book your makeup artist or hairstylist with around six months to go. This should leave you with enough time to arrange a trial too.

Last Minute Bride | 3 Months or Less

You might not have your pick of the pack, but you do have options. Get in touch with your faves; we’ve seen brides get sorted last-minute with amazing artists who just happened to have a free morning. Makeup artists and hairstylists with no availability might be able to pass on the name of somebody they recommend.

If the timeline of your day allows for it, check out salons that offer in-house hair and makeup. You’ll save on the cost of bridal hair and beauty and benefit from package deals with no travel costs.

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